Liu Zhenya Meets with Philippine President Arroyo

As part of the visiting Philippine President Arroyo's itinerary, she met with Liu Zhenya, President of State Grid in Xiamen on October 27.

The two parties were engaged in friendly conversations. President Arroyo said she was very happy to meet Mr. Liu Zhenya and they exchanged ideas on topics concerning both parties.

Mr. Liu Zhenya expressed his gratitude to President Arroyo for arranging the meeting. He applauded the rapid development of the Philippines under the leadership of President Arroyo, and showed gratitude for the support President Arroyo had given to the cooperation between Philippine and Chinese companies,and to the operation and development of State Grid.

Mr. Liu Zhenya also introduced the operation and development of State Grid. He pointed out that as a state-owned large enterprise which ranked 32rd in Fortune Global 500. Sate Grid's service covers 88% of Chinese territory and over one billion of Chinese population. In 2005, the revenue of State Grid reached 712.7 billion Yuan. The company had an asset of 1.2 trillion Yuan. State Grid operates the largest and most complicated power grid in the world. It not only excells at power grid operation, scientific research and human resource management, but also actively takes on  social responsibility. it is confident in playing an even more important role in the future.

President Arroyo spoke highly of State Grid's achievements. She showed great interest in the company's operation and management, and expected power companies in the Philippines can draw experiences from State Grid.

By the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu Zhenya invited President Arroyo to visit State Grid headquarter when convenient. President Arroyo expressed thanks for the offer.

Source: News Center


By the end of 2005, the Philippines had a toatal installed capacity of 15618 MW, among which 13594 MW was available. The maximum power load was 8629 MW.

After the implementation of EPIRA, in 2001 the Philippine government established TransCO, which owned and operated the whole nation's power asset. TransCo consisted of three sections including Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, with voltage levels of AC 500, 230, 138/115, 69 kV and DC +/-350/250 kV.

By the end of 2005, TransCo had transmission lines of 20236 kilometers, transforming capacity of 24607 MVA. From 2006 to 2010, the increasing pace of Philippine power demand is estimated to be about 5%.

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