Liu Zhenya Met With IBM President Samuel J. Palmisano and ABB CEO Joe Hogan

State Grid President Liu Zhenya met with IBM President Samuel J. Palmisano and his delegation at the Headquarters on May 10th, 2011. Both sides exchanged opinions about innovating cooperation model and strengthening in-depth R&D cooperation.


Liu Zhenya first welcomed Palmisano. He said State Grid and IBM had built up a solid foundation for cooperation after they worked together for the past few years in many fields including the software and hardware products, industry information services, and technical information services. The UHV AC&DC demonstration projects that State Grid constructed had been put into operation, and now they were in steady and stable operation. Also, the construction of Strong and Smart Grid had made considerable progress. But China??s economical and social accelerated development put higher requirements on State Grid's innovative development capacity. He hoped that, with IBM??s keen ideas and advanced technology, both parties could strengthen more professional and targeted cooperation in the future, discover more scientific cooperation models, and realize in-depth and broad cooperation in many fields, such as R&D.

Mr. Palmisano thanked State Grid for its continuous support for IBM. He said, IBM insisted on the technology innovation, especially in smart power use. State Grid and IBM had cooperated well in many fields. He also hoped that both parties could work together with their own advantages, discuss and determine the specific fields for in-depth cooperation based on the same objectives, create more new technologies, and populate them around the world.

State Grid Vice President Du Zhigang, IBM Greater China General Manager D.C. Chien, and IBM Energy and Welfare Group Vice President Brad Gammons also attended the meeting.

The same day, Liu Zhenya also met with the delegation headed by Joe Hogan, the CEO of ABB Group at the Headquarters. Both sides had an in-depth discussion on strengthening UHV technology and equipment research, and further seeking more opportunities to communicate and cooperate. 

Liu Zhenya gave positive reviews on the cooperation with ABB. He stressed the significance of the UHV AC demonstration extension project to the development of the UHV grid, and hoped that ABB could speed up equipment supply and technology development on cooperative projects. He said that the increase of voltage level and transmission power required more advanced technique. He hoped that ABB could continue its innovation, bring its advantages into full play, and strengthen technological research. State Grid would work together with ABB to discover more scientific cooperation models, and to implement the cooperative projects.

Joe Hogan thanked State Grid for the continuous trust and support. He said China??s transmission technology through UHV was leading the world. ABB was encouraged. He expressed his admiration to State Grid??s promotion of the grid technology innovation, and congratulated the achievements that State Grid has made in the UHV fields. ABB was fully aware of the high-standard and high-quality standards that State Grid insisted on in UHV development. It would satisfy the needs by all means. ABB also expected deepened cooperation with State Grid, sought more sustainable projects to cooperate, and thus built up a good partnership.

The attendees included State Grid Vice Presidents Sun Xi and Du Zhigang, and ABB (China) Senior Vice Presidents Bernd Muehe and Liu Xin'gang. (Text: Tao Siyao / Photo: Gao Zhixing)

Source: Department of International Cooperation, State Grid News

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