SGCC Leadership Met with Brazilian MME Secretary-Executive

On November 8, 2013, SGCC EVP Zheng Baosen met with the delegation led by visiting Secretary-Executive of Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) M??rcio Pereira Zimmermann at SGCC Headquarters. Both sides held talks regarding SGCC's business in Brazil.

Mr. Zheng Baosen extended his welcome to the delegation and expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance from the Brazilian government and the MME to SGCC's various businesses in the country. While introducing SGCC's business in Brazil, Zheng said that SGCC had successfully taken over and begun operating the transmission assets in 2013. The company also won the bid for Greenfield transmission concession project in cooperation with local companies, which served as a strong impetus to the power grid construction in Brazil. The collaboration with its local peers has achieved initial progress in aspects of UHV transmission technology, electrical equipment, and smart meters.

Zheng Baosen said that with its competitive edge in UHV construction and operation, smart grid technology application, safe and stable grid operation guarantee, and new energy development, SGCC should like to strengthen its cooperation and exchange with the MME and promote the construction and technology of UHV in Brazil with mutual efforts. The company would also like to share its experience in guaranteeing the power supply for major events regarding the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. He hoped that the MME would support SGCC as always and the company would continue contributing to the socio-economic development in Brazil with good construction and maintenance of relevant power grid assets.

Mr. M??rcio Pereira Zimmermann expressed his gratitude and his admiration for SGCC's development in recent years. He said SGCC has done a lot of fruitful work in UHV technology and now become a world-leading player in UHV transmission and transformation. With favorable bilateral ties between the two countries, there was great room for cooperation in the field of power and energy. Brazil was now promoting the construction of UHV grids and researching UHV transmission technology. He hoped to strengthen the cooperation with SGCC on S&T and technology. The cooperative outcome was significant in smart grid construction, new energy development, power conservation and emission reduction, as well as energy efficiency improvement. With broad prospect, the MME hoped to continue strengthening the cooperation with SGCC in these areas.

Before the talks, the visiting delegation visited the UHV DC Test Base and the National Power Dispatching Center, and learned about SGCC's smart grid construction. Representatives from SGCC's Department of DC Construction, Department of International Cooperation and SGID attended the meeting.

Source: Department of International Cooperation

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